About Treadmill eReviews

At TreadmilleReviews.com our goal is to bring you the most informative, well researched and easy to follow treadmill reviews on the internet and to provide the resources to help make your own treadmill research quicker and easier.

Our treadmill reviews are a composite of a detailed analysis of numerous customer reviews, from multiple sources and on a periodic basis, personal testing of the equipment, interviews with industry professionals and product specialists, professional review research, customer testimonials and feedback from online retailers.

We spend hours researching each treadmill that we review on this website, as described above. Next we analyze and summarize the data that we have collected, write our reviews in a clear and easy to understand format, rate each treadmill and make our recommendations.

We also strive to keep our website fast and easy to use by keeping our content organized and formatted into easily understandable reviews and topics. We limit the use of numerous drop down menus and extraneous information in favor of easy to find resources and links prominently located on each page.

Our website also uses a mobile device friendly "Responsive Web Design" format. This means that the content on our website will display properly on your phone, tablet computer or any other device that you use when you come to our site. This has become an important feature these days and I am still amazed at how many other websites are still not responsive to mobile devices.

We also "walk the walk" ~ and "run the run"... literally

At treadmillereviews.com, we are into aerobic fitness ourselves both indoors and outdoors. Personally I have spent countless hours cycling, walking and running outdoors and on the fitness products that I have reviewed. Together with my friends and colleagues in the fitness industry, I have been helping people by providing high quality, professional fitness equipment reviews for over 10 years now.

Rob Chapman
Publisher, TreadmilleReviews.com