Sole F85 Treadmill Review
Don't Hold Your Horses

So what does the Sole F85 have that makes it Sole's best residential treadmill? Actually the F85 includes quite a few high-end features but the key upgrades that this treadmill has over the Sole F80 ~ the next model down in the Sole lineup ~ are the Powerful 4.0 Horse Power Motor and the Larger 9 inch display screen on the console. Sole F85 Treadmill Runner

I have seen this treadmill described as the "Best Folding Treadmill on the Planet" on at least 4 other websites (including the Sole Fitness site) but it is not always clear exactly what makes it the best.

I do agree that Sole has some of the best folding treadmills available but the Sole F80 is very similar to the Sole F85 and is also an excellent folding treadmill that usually costs about $300 less.

So why pay more for Sole's top of the line treadmill? You may simply want the best treadmill available but it is also good to know exactly what it is that makes it the best. In this case it is the Extra Horse Power and the Larger Display Screen.

Of course you still get everything that you get with other high-end treadmills from Sole including the Roomy Walking/Running Surface (22"x60"), the Lower Impact Cushion Flex Deck, the Easy Assist Folding Deck Design (this treadmill unfolds automatically) and the peace of mind that you get with the industry leading warranty.


Note: The Sole F85 is selling for $1,999 new at with Free Shipping. See Sole F85 at Sole Fitness for the latest price, customer reviews or to get this treadmill directly from Sole Fitness.


As you move up the Sole Treadmill product line you get upgraded components, better warranties and more high end features. Since the Sole F85 is their top of the line residential treadmill, you get the best of everything that Sole offers.

This treadmill is best for larger, heavier runners, due to the 4 horsepower motor, and for those who want the larger, nicer display screen. If the more powerful motor and larger display screen are not necessary for you than the Sole F80 (the next model down) will give you everything else that you get on the F80 for around $300 less. If you do not need a folding model then you can also get the exact same features in the Sole S77 for about $100 less.


Key Features of the Sole F85

The features that I have mentioned above are what make the Sole F85 stand out from the crowd ~ of other Sole models and of other brands ~ but the F85 has quite a few additional features that should also be mentioned.

4.0 CHP Motor - The F85 comes with a powerful 4.0 continuous horse power motor to give heavier or more aggressive runners a smooth and responsive workout.

400lb Weight Capacity - The 4.0 CHP motor is the reason that the F85 has a higher user weight capacity. Even if you weigh much less, the higher weight capacity will mean less wear and tear on the motor.

The Clear 9 Inch Console Display is a blue backlit LCD display with plenty of room to display your key workout stats in an easy to read size along with quick reference graphics. Sole F85 Console 2014

Easy to Use Console and Controls - The Console on the F85 has a nice uncluttered design with the most important controls easy to find and easily accessible. This includes having the speed and incline controls on the side hand rails as well as on the console.

Heart and Sole~ The F85 comes with both Pulse Grip and Chest Strap heart-rate monitors with the chest strap and 2 heart rate control programs included. The HRC programs give you the option to optimize your workout based on your heart rate.

Foldable Design - The F85 has been described as the "Best Folding Treadmill on the Market" on a number of reputable websites. Due to the stability of this treadmill (when unfolded and in use), the quality and features and the Easy Assist design ~ the treadmill actually unfolds automatically ~ I think that this just may be an accurate statement.

15% Incline - Get a more intense workout in less time and reduce the impact of your workout with a steeper incline. The F85 has a full 15% incline rather than the more typical 12% incline.

Crowned 2.75 Inch Rollers - The rollers on the F85 are larger than the rollers on most treadmills to help reduce heat on the tread belt and for less wear and tear on the belt and motor. The rollers are also crowned, meaning that they are a little larger in the center allowing the belt to track better and last longer.

Treadmill eReview

The Sole F85 is a high quality, near commercial grade treadmill ~ from a reputable fitness equipment company ~ that can handle larger, heavier and more aggressive walkers and runners. The F85 is reasonably priced for a treadmill in this category and surprisingly is also a foldable model.

Sole High-End Treadmill Comparisons

Although the F85 is currently Sole's top of the line residential model, Sole does have a few other treadmills with similar features to consider.

The Sole F80 has the exact same features with the exception of a 3.5 CHP motor (vs. the 4.0 CHP on the F85) and a 7 1/2 Display (vs. the 9 inch display on the F85) and is around $300 less than the F85.

The Sole F77 also has the exact same features as the F85 with the exception of the Foldable Design and is about $100 less in price.

About the only feature where the Sole F85 does not beat the competition in its price range is the number of built-in workout programs. You get only 6 standard programs and 2 Heart Rate Control programs with the F85. The HRC programs are a nice benefit though and the wireless chest strap is included with the treadmill.

It is hard to beat the quality, features and warranty of the Sole F85 in its price range. On top of that you also get a Foldable Model  that is both durable and stable. We recommend the Sole F85 for larger, heavier or more aggressive runners or for those who simply want a high quality, durable and easy to use foldable treadmill with plenty of the latest features.

Customer Reviews

At the time of this review, there was no shortage of customer reviews of the F85 available online. There were more positive reviews but also a few negative. Our composite score of the customer reviews online was 4 of 5 stars 3.93 of 5 stars.

See Sole F85 at Sole Fitness for the latest customer reviews or to get this treadmill directly from Sole Fitness.

All Features at a Glance:

  • Foldable Design: Yes
  • Motor - 4.0 CHP
  • 60" by 22", 2 Ply Tread Belt
  • Incline - 0-15%
  • Cushion Flex Suspension System
  • Speed - .5 – 12 MPH
  • Heart rate Monitors - Pulse Grip and Wireless  with Chest Strap Included
  • 2.75" Crowned Rollers
  • Console Display - 9 Inch Backlit LCD
  • Installed Workout Programs - 6 standard, 2 Customizable, 2 HRC  
  • Sound System and MP3 Jack included
  • User Weight Capacity - 400lbs
  • Footprint - 80" L X 35" W X 58" H
  • Unit Weight: 265 lbs


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Deck: Lifetime
  • Electronics: 5 Years
  • Labor: 2 Years